JOB: Theatre Specialist Practitioner

JOB: Theatre Specialist Practitioner

Job overview:

To provide exemplary planned care for patients requiring perioperative intervention supporting the management and organisation of care provision in the operating theatre, taking on the specialist role.

To assist the perioperative managers to deliver effective patient care by providing appropriate clinical support assisting the theatre manager to effectively maximise theatre utilisation.

Specific Responsibilities

1. Develop practice in the assessment of health and well-being needs.
• Discuss, and agree with colleagues capabilities and competencies in general and perioperative care practice, across the team.
• Compare current perioperative practices, trends and developments against appropriate benchmarks.
• Explain clearly to patients whose needs are being assessed own and others’ responsibilities and how they inter-relate.
• Identify peoples health needs through observation discussion and the use of technical assessment methods, obtain informed consent prior to the commencement of the assessment.
• Obtain information on patient’s perioperative needs within the overall context of their personal and care requirements, follow processes of reasoning which allows optimum outcomes to be achieved. .
• Collect, collate and organise data, interpret all of the information and make a justifiable assessment relating to patient’s perioperative needs, promote their wellbeing and reducing risks in the short and long term.
• Identify and discuss with colleagues the implication of assessment against the perioperative intervention, enable them to think through the risks and their effective management and the need for referral to others.
• Provide advice and support on assessment approaches and conclusions to colleagues and others, proactively and on request, with particular focus on perioperative interventions.


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